The future of fundamental rights


Time: 19:30 – 20:30
Date: 7 May 2020
Language: English

We all have certain freedoms and fundamental rights. One of the documents that clearly lays out these rights is the European Charter of Fundamental Rights, which is 20 years old as of this year and has been legally binding for the last 10 years. The Charter divides fundamental rights into seven chapters:

  1. Dignity
  2. Freedoms
  3. Equality
  4. Solidarity
  5. Citizens’ rights
  6. Justice
  7. General Provisions

How do these fundamental rights fit into today’s society? To give an example – at the European level, fundamental rights support the Data Protection Regulation, which aims to better protect citizens’ privacy in a digitised world. Fundamental rights can also be important tools for improving the lived realities of minorities and migrants.

Additionally, we currently face complex challenges including climate change, where the impact of our actions will mainly be felt in the future. This highlights the importance of not only current citizens’ rights but also the rights of nature and future generations.

During this session of the Parliament of the Future, we explore how fundamental rights may be used to create the future we wish to see.

We will be joined by the following guest speakers:

> Laura Burgers (legal scholar and writer)
> Jan van de Venis (Ombudsperson for future generations)

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